Contract Software Development located in Calgary, Alberta

Real software for real systems. We specialize in bare-metal programming for tightly constrained embedded systems. But we're also fluent in Windows, Linux, and Structured Text. Give us your embedded microcontrollers with ancient CPUs, your microsecond timing loops, and that dusty controller in the corner that you know is critical but nobody can remember how to upgrade it. That's our domain.

For instance:

  • CPUs old and new: ARM, 680x0/ColdFire, x86, 6502, Z80, TMS9900. Contact for others.
  • Structured Text and Ethercat in Beckhoff environment
  • Linux and Windows

  • Got something else? Throw it at us. We specialize in figuring out what other people give up on.

    We are available for:

  • Development of new software
  • Documentation of existing systems
  • Migration of old systems to newer platforms
  • Maintenance contracts also available. Just want someone to install patches on your server once a month, and make sure that the workstations are running correctly? We can do that. We don't wear ties - industrial environments are not a problem.

    Availability is scheduled by hours per month. We currenly have availability for up to 16 hours per month. Drop us a note with your project requirements and we'll let you know if that's something we can help you with!

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